Marking our 2nd anniversary in our new home in South Wales, Charlotte Packaging and Charlotte Express Packaging have both gone from strength to strength.


Not only have we worked with some fantastic customers to create packaging solutions both conventional and unconventional in their branding and design characteristics but we’ve also had fun growing our head office team. 


Block bottomed paper bags are perfect for use as flour bags or granola bags. We stock a high quality, heavy duty range of flour bags which are available in small quantities, making them perfect for smaller businesses.

Our range of heavy duty flour bags traditionally used for flour can also be used for many other applications, including granola, sugar, pasta, cereals, bakery and confectionery.



It’s imperative your brand guarantees a positive lasting impression with your customer at every level of interaction, from your physical product to your website right down to your email marketing. Your brand is face to face at every step of the customer journey so it’s imperative your brand speaks clearly for you.

Every time a customer experiences your product they take away a notion of what your product is about from the care and time it took to cleverly think up the design or promotional branding right down to the choice of colour and recyclability.

Not every customer values or devalues a brand in the same way.


Whether you’re an independent coffee retailer, a small start-up or mainline coffee roasters, we want to service you.

It turns out presentation does matter, so why not get in touch to see how our beautifully crafted coffee packaging lines can suit your needs. We can offer the majority of our range in various colours or customised branding to match your brand image.



When it comes to packaging your coffee there are plenty of options available. You could choose to can it, put it in jars or use coffee bags. Even after you’ve made this first decision, there are a flood of options that come after it – so what are you going to choose?

To help you make up your mind, here is our guide to perfect coffee packaging:

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