Gift Bags / Wedding Favour Packaging

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  • Personalised Gift Bags/Wedding Favours

    Let us make your gift or wedding favours super special by printing your own personalised name or logo on your packaging.

    The following products are available for bespoke printing: 


    • Kraft paper block bottom bags
    • Site gusset titan polypropylene bags
    • Paper carrier bags
    • Greaseproof sheets
  • Side Gusset ‘Titan’ Polypropylene Bags

    Extra strength airtight bags, ideal for pulses, pasta, granulated products, salts, fine powders, etc.

    Heat-sealable to ensure product freshness and security.

    From: £21.00
  • Cross Bottom Polypropylene Bags

    An upright bag without any side gussets, made from 30 micron polypropylene. Ideal for holding confectionary. 

    A range of sizes and styles available.

    From: £23.85
  • Kraft Paper Block Bottom Bags

    A film lined bag offering a moisture and grease barrier which can be heat sealed to ensure product freshness and a secure, tamper-proof pack.

    The block bottom base of this bag provides stability when filled. Typical products packed in this type of bag include nuts, chocolates, seeds, treats, and nibbles.

    From: £37.50
  • Window Kraft Paper Block Bottom Bags

    Our range of film lined bags ensure eye catching product display for your items.

    The square bottom construction of this style of bag allows it to stand securely on store shelves. Ideal for use with coffee, tea, confectionery, whole foods, samosas, cookies, muesli, baked goods, cake mixes.

    3 of the bag options listed below are not heat sealable (however they are fully lined). They are identified in the drop down list and are offered at a considerable discount.

    From: £39.90