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  • “Off-The-Shelf” Printed Greaseproof Sheets

    Introducing our brand new Go-Eat range. 

    DesignPrint Colour
    DeliLight Blue
    Hot FoodRed
    Fish & ChipsBlue & Black
    From: £29.65
  • Cake & Pizza Box Carrier

    A strong carrier with punched out handles designed to hold cake and pizza boxes flat for easy transportation.

    Reusable and recyclable.


    • Block Bottom Polythene Carrier
    • 310x310x350mm
    • 200 gauge clear polythene
    • Punched out carry handles


    From: £22.00
  • Black Backed Film Bags

    A strong, film bag with a clear polypropylene front and black polypropylene back.

    Ideal for sandwiches, pastries or bread.

    This bag is recyclable.


    • 30 micron polypropylene film
    • 240x242mm
    • With seal and reseal tape on lip
    • Case quantity 2,000


    From: £70.50
  • Foil Lined Baguette Bags

    Ideal for use as a takeaway bag.

    Suitable for hot food such as baguettes, paninis or sausage rolls and can be used in a hot food cabinet.

    • White kraft with foil lining
    • 100x150x355mm
    • Packed in 500’s


    From: £29.90
  • Black Kraft Block Bottom Bag

    A smart block bottom bag printed 100% black. Ideal for packaging coffee/tea and confectionary. 

    The film lining provides a greaseproof barrier. 

    This bag is heatsealable. 


    • 80gsm Kraft paper with film lining
    • 110x60x240mm 
    • Typically holds 250-300g 
    • Printed 100% black
    From: £24.80
  • Personalised Sweetie Bags

    Every business wants to be a customer’s first choice. Achieve this by personalising your product with your name or logo on your sweetie bags. Minimum order quantities vary dependant on product options required.

    The following products are available for bespoke printing:


    • Kraft block bottom bags
    • Foil side gusset or stand up pouches
    • Brown kraft strip window bags
    • Side gusset titan polypropylene bags
    • Unlined block bottom paper bags
  • Personalised Gift Bags/Wedding Favours

    Let us make your gift or wedding favours super special by printing your own personalised name or logo on your packaging.

    The following products are available for bespoke printing: 


    • Kraft paper block bottom bags
    • Site gusset titan polypropylene bags
    • Paper carrier bags
    • Greaseproof sheets
  • Bread Bags

    A smart range of brown ribbed kraft bags in different sizes with central window or side window feature; creating high visibility for promotion of your product. 

    From: £51.75
  • Bakery & Patisserie Bags

    Smart square bottom lined paper bags which can stand securely on store shelves.

    Ideal as an upmarket sandwich bag, for baked goods, confectionery, whole foods, samosas, cookies, muesli or cake mixes.

    From: £64.40
  • Side Gusset ‘Titan’ Polypropylene Bags

    Extra strength airtight bags, ideal for pulses, pasta, granulated products, salts, fine powders, etc.

    Heat-sealable to ensure product freshness and security.

    From: £21.00
  • Cross Bottom Polypropylene Bags

    An upright bag without any side gussets, made from 30 micron polypropylene. Ideal for holding confectionary. 

    A range of sizes and styles available.

    From: £23.85