7 Simple Steps to make your brand packaging work for you

It’s imperative your brand guarantees a positive lasting impression with your customer at every level of interaction, from your physical product to your website right down to your email marketing. Your brand is face to face at every step of the customer journey so it’s imperative your brand speaks clearly for you.

Every time a customer experiences your product they take away a notion of what your product is about from the care and time it took to cleverly think up the design or promotional branding right down to the choice of colour and recyclability.

Not every customer values or devalues a brand in the same way.

Fast moving trends and cultural shifts in the food and drink industry test your brand strength and even longevity. To a certain extent trends dictate who eats and uses what products. A narrow-minded business with a refusal to shift in the same direction as the product demand tide could cost you. (big time!) If it’s a re brand you need consider how to create something with a sense of permanence.

With over 40 years experience in the industry Charlotte Express Packaging (CEP) welcomes all requests from the obscure, slightly unusual, to the simplistic and traditional. At CEP we’ve seen an array of brands but never fail to be ‘Wowed’ by a forward thinking brand, so we thought we’d offer our list of key considerations when executing your branding.


  1. Lifestyle brand? Create a narrative that embodies your core ethos, attitude and story through lively design, colour, typography and bold or gentle imagery. A brand should inspire and enthuse your customer.


  1. Does your brand have a playful side? Why not expose its character with a cheeky strap line? Encourage your consumer to think about your brand for longer than just the time it takes to tear open the packaging and reveal the product inside. Get customers talking for you, nothing gains better brand promotion than a talking point.


  1. Customer profiling at your fingertips? Todays’ digital world gives anyone access to tap into consumer trend demand and manufacture the perfect emotional connection with the end user. We live in a less than traditional world so do your research and ascertain your customers key visual associations.


  1. Food on the go? The dynamics of eating out are notably changing. Culturally formed opinions on topical subjects like; ethical coffee beans and the very current waste coffee take away cups discussions cause social pressures on brands from the consumers demanding product origins and home truths.


  1. Sustainably driven? If you happen to source your goods from fair trade or local farmers with a nod towards recyclability then incorporate that element into your branding and splurge it on your packaging.


Remember the consumers voice is now louder, clearer and much more public than ever before. (Avoid those all too common social media mishaps!)


  1. Heighten the profile- but how? Well that’s simple, organic exposure. Wherever a product sits, stands or slumps as long as it features thought out branding its in prime position dripping with your advertising.


It can be daunting to think of the cost of advertising or promotional material but just think, if you just get your branding spot on you’ve created your own advertisement.

Product choice is no longer limited; it’s overflowing with a constant turnstile of competitive businesses vying for the limelight.

Whether your branding goals are to be bigger, smaller, bolder or just more innovative, invest the time and make it memorable.