How can a small business get in the festive spirit?

Christmas is an expensive and busy time of year for small businesses, but the festive season provides a lucrative opportunity to attract new customers and reward regulars.

Small, inexpensive ideas can excite customers and help to generate business. From rewarding social media followers to running contests, here’s how can small businesses can embrace Christmas and pass on the festive cheer to their customers.

Holiday theme updates: small businesses should position themselves as useful outlets of information for their customers’ Christmas needs. Sharing interesting and helpful updates such as how to decorate a tree, create Christmas treats or last posting dates can help to build a presence on social media and position themselves as leaders in the community.

Reward social media followers: for customers who follow on social media and are loyal all year round, businesses should look to introduce a reward system. From providing discount codes, online coupons or a free gift, this technique can help to maintain customer loyalty and shows new customers what they could be receiving.

Short videos: small businesses should look at recording short festive videos as part of their Christmas marketing. From a gift wrapping challenge to how they create a festive themed product, these videos can be simply recorded on a smartphone and shared direct to social media channels. This can be particularly effective for coffee houses, delis and restaurants.

Christmas e-marketing campaigns: small businesses who already use e-marketing to communicate with customers should look to embrace ‘days of deals’ to entice customers as part of the holiday season. From free shipping to discount codes, Black Friday deals and free gifts, this can be an effective technique in boosting sales and rewarding customer loyalty.

Gift guides: gift guides are a great way to display favourite products, particularly for delis, coffee shops or boutiques that work with a range of suppliers. Whether sharing links and images on social media, or creating a downloadable guide, this is an effective way of generating excitement and working with brands to create sales.

Contests: all customers like a freebie, and running a Christmas contest in exchange for brand loyalty is a great technique to boost your social media presence and footfall. Consider offering an in-store experience or a voucher for online shopping as the reward.

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