Coffee Bags: How to Perfectly Package Your Beans

When it comes to packaging your coffee there are plenty of options available. You could choose to can it, put it in jars or use coffee bags. Even after you’ve made this first decision, there are a flood of options that come after it – so what are you going to choose?

To help you make up your mind, here is our guide to perfect coffee packaging:

  • Coffee Bags – There are many different forms of coffee bags available to you, but generally speaking this option will provide you with the cheapest, most environmentally friendly packaging with great opportunity to maximise visual appeal.
Image: Ahemler under CC 2.0
  • Coffee Jars – Glass jars tend to be very expensive to manufacture, as well as being heavy and bulky to ship. This said, it can give your coffee a very upmarket, classy appearance and your customers will be able to reuse or repurpose this packaging.
  • Coffee Cans – Great for delivering a retro feel to your product and unlike glass it can be made from lightweight materials to shave off weight. Depending on the metal used the price will vary, but it certainly will not be one of the cheaper options.
Image: Afiler under CC 2.0

Which Coffee Packaging is Right for Me?

This will depend strongly on the look that you are going for, the theme of your shop, size of your budget and how environmentally friendly you see your business being. All of the above packaging solutions are fully recyclable, helping to reduce your carbon footprint, but which one is best?

Need a packaging option that acts as a display product? Printed side gusset or block bottom bags are the perfect packaging for this requirement as they are able to stand up on their own, creating stunning displays that can highlight and promote your products. Unlike jars or cans, this type of packaging tends to be smaller and less bulky which gives them much greater versatility when it comes to placement.

Image: zee16 under CC 2.0


Looking for the ultimate choice of customisation? Unless you’ve got a large enough budget to create unique jars or cans then coffee bags may be the best solution.Custom printed coffee bags can be made to look extremely enticing at a fraction of the cost of custom jars or cans. That said, an alternative to the pricy option of specially made jars and cans is to place custom printed labels on this packaging to give it a unique look.

Differentiating Your Coffee Beans

Not all coffee is created equal and it is important that your packaging reflects this. When you’ve separated all your blends you need to make sure that they are clearly labelled so that the customer can pick out their favourite in the fastest possible time. There are several ways that this can be done, for the best effect why not try:

Image: skinnydiver under CC 2.0
  • Using different colours
  • Applying unique styles with consistent branding
  • Making the blend the main focus
  • Large pictures to highlight each blend
  • Bold labels
  • Give each blend a character

Try to be as creative as possible to get your product to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of potential customers. If your packaging is interesting enough you may be able to encourage existing customers to expand their horizons and buy more of your products.

Several Sized Packaging Options

Some people like buying in bulk, while others only want to purchase coffee in small quantities. In order to maximise sales it is a good idea to have a variety of weights available to purchase. This is a relatively easy thing to do as there is a huge range of packaging types and sizes to choose from and existing designs will only need minor modification in order to make them larger or smaller.

Regardless of what sized coffee bags you need, Charlotte Express Packaging have you covered. We have several different styles of bags available in a huge selection of shapes, sizes and materials. Unlike many wholesale packaging providers we offer much smaller minimum quantities but with the same bulk-buy prices.

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