Creating the Perfect Sandwich – It’s the Outside that Counts

Who would have thought that slapping some fillings between two bits of bread could be so rewarding? But creating the perfect sandwich isn’t as easy as that, no it takes time, love, patience and a dash of creativity to make the perfect sandwich.

One of the only problems with creating the perfect sandwich is that not everyone will agree! Here’s what we mean:



It gets complicated before you even get started here, do you go for white bread, brown bread, granary, bagel, baguette, sourdough, flat bread, beer bread (yes it exists), waffles, crusty rolls, soft rolls, tortillas, ciabatta, corn bread… honestly the list could go on.

Whichever you pick, it needs to compliment your choice of filling and it must be fresh!



Do you butter it, don’t you butter it? This alone will cause you huge complications and will depend on whether it’s a hot or cold sandwich, what bread you’re using and what your fillings are. Next you need to decide if you’re going to do all meat, no meat or meat and veg? Is it going to be hot or cold?

You’ll find that everyone has their own preference, so the best bet here is to pick fillings that complement each other and ensure that the sandwich is packed full of flavour.



Lots of people get it wrong here; you can’t have a decent sandwich without having a sauce. It just gets too dry. But at the same point you don’t want to saturate the bread and overwhelm the flavours. Picking a good sauce for your sandwich is absolutely essential so make sure you try a few out before deciding on the best one to match your creation.

Now onto what really matters

That’s right, we said it. Don’t get me wrong, what you put into your sandwich is important but you are never going to please everybody. What really matters is how you package and display that sandwich in order to make it appeal to as many people as possible. This will strongly depend on the target audience you’re going for, as well as the options you chose to create your culinary master piece. For example:


  • Greaseproof paper whether you’re a professional or not, having a good quality greaseproof paper to wrap your sandwiches in is important. This can stop any of the sauce or juices from the filling from oozing out and contaminating other items, as well as making it very handy to hold when on the move. If you are a professional it is worth having custom printed greaseproof paper so that you can brand your perfect sandwich, allowing envious onlookers to know where to go to purchase such a treat.
  • Baguette packaging if you went with the baguette option then greaseproof paper isn’t enough for you, you need something bigger and fit for purpose. Baguette packaging allows you to safely contain your sandwich in aesthetically appealing wrapping that can help draw attention to just how awesome it is.
  • Backed film bags opted for a roll or sliced bread? Backed film bags are a great way to display how lush your sandwich looks, while protecting it from the elements and stopping and leakages seeping into unwanted locations.

Presentation is everything

Remember, when making your sandwich there will always be people who don’t like certain elements. The trick to creating the perfect sandwich is ensuring that all the packaging is on point, everything looks clean, neat and most importantly delicious!

Obviously, if you’re just putting the sandwich together for yourself then this won’t be such a priority. But if you’re great at making sandwiches and you want to turn it into a lucrative business then this is something that should be at the very top of your list!