Christmas packaging hacks for small businesses

Hacks make life easier for small businesses, especially at Christmas when time is precious and often fraught.

It can be difficult to find time to overhaul packaging and provide a festive twist- but with our hacks you can get ahead and make your packaging fully festive in time for Christmas!

Stock up on your essentials: be sure to order your essential packaging items before the Christmas rush. Charlotte Express Packaging provides a range of stock items for all types of food businesses, including paper bags, bags for coffee/tea and paper sheets.

Festive labels: a label can add a quick, Christmas twist to your packaging without the need for a complete rebrand. Look to see how your logo can be charged with festive cheer, or how the names of your product lines can be given a Christmas spin.

Ribbon: If your packaging is basic and minimalistic, get into the Christmas spirit with holiday appropriate ribbon. Red, green and gold works particularly well against both white and brown kraft paper packaging.

Mailing boxes with a twist: upgrade your mailing boxes with some Christmas themed shredded tissue or paper sheets as liners to cushion and protect the treats that are inside.

Christmas trimmings: wrapping sweet treats in cello bags is a great way to package and visually display what is inside. Add inexpensive Christmas trimmings such as foliage, faux berries, ribbon or tinsel for some additional festive cheer.

Personalisation options: offering a personalization service is a particularly good to way to attract customers to making a Christmas purchase. Provide customers with the chance to select different colour options and accessories for gift wrapping that can be purchased at a minimal cost.

Charlotte Express Packaging provides many packaging options such as paper bags, sheets and bags for coffee/tea in stock and available as a next day delivery item. For information on bespoke items such as labels call 01495 750311.