How to creatively package Halloween food

Halloween is almost upon us and for food fans; the spooktacular season is the perfect time to experiment with packaging some fiendishly scary treats.

Brits spent £310 million on Halloween in 2016, with more than 50% of millennials spending money on the spooky celebration. The value of the Halloween market is set to rise, with retailers continuing to dedicate more space in store to their seasonal ranges. Capturing the attention of young consumers will be key to driving the growth of Halloween, helping to increase spending on food and drink and entertaining.

Get into the Halloween spirit with our top tips for packaging spooky themed food below!

Tap into Halloween culture: pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and fancy dress up are all part of the festival feeling of Halloween. Brands tap into these cultural institutions, with packaging regularly referencing the customs we associate with this spooky holiday.

Pun on brand names: Halloween is all about having fun and for Smarties, changing their name to Scaries was a great way to tap into the spooky spirit. Try adding a scary spin on your brand’s name, or even including some Halloween iconography as part of your logo.

Product design visibility: consumers want to see what they’re buying, especially if it is different from what they are used to. Consider incorporating product visibility into the design of your packaging, using windows for eyes of a monster, or flaps to reveal Halloween characters.

Limited edition: nothing attracts a customer more than a limited edition product. Include this messaging within the packaging and advertising, making it clear to customers that they won’t be able to purchase it for long!

Appealing to children: Halloween is a particularly exciting time for children, and appealing to them through fun packaging is a great way to make the festivities memorable. Try out glow in the dark designs or cartoon characters to appeal to younger Halloween fans- and those who love a bit of spooky nostalgia!

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