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  • Bakery & Patisserie Bags

    Smart square bottom lined paper bags which can stand securely on store shelves.

    Ideal as an upmarket sandwich bag, for baked goods, confectionery, whole foods, samosas, cookies, muesli or cake mixes.

    From: £42.00
  • Side Gusset ‘Titan’ Polypropylene Bags

    A range of 100% recyclable bags which are air tight when heat sealed offering extra strength and full product visibility. Ideal for pulses, pasta, granulated products, salts, fine powders, etc.

    Heat-sealable to ensure product freshness and security.

    From: £23.59
  • Cross Bottom Polypropylene Bags

    An upright bag without any side gussets, 100% Recyclable, made from 30 micron polypropylene. Ideal for holding confectionary. 

    A range of sizes and styles available.

    From: £26.79
  • Kraft Paper Block Bottom Bags

    A film lined bag offering a moisture and grease barrier which can be heat sealed to ensure product freshness and a secure, tamper-proof pack. Made from sustainably sourced paper.

    The block bottom base of this bag provides stability when filled. Typical products packed in this type of bag include nuts, chocolates, seeds, treats, and nibbles.

    From: £39.38
  • Window Kraft Paper Block Bottom Bags

    Our range of film lined bags ensure eye catching product display for your items.  Made from a sustainably sourced paper.

    The square bottom construction of this style of bag allows it to stand securely on store shelves. Ideal for use with coffee, tea, confectionery, whole foods, samosas, cookies, muesli, baked goods, cake mixes.

    The transparent window ensures items inside are visible which shows the product to be displayed. We offer two different window shapes – either sheld or arch-shaped.

    From: £40.34
  • Tin Tie Bags

    Tin tie bags offer an easy and secure means of closure. They allow the bags to be re-closed after initial opening, helping to maintain product freshness. Made from a sustainable source.

    Used extensively in the bakery and health food market, these tin tie block bottom bags will stand unaided on retail shelves. 

    From: £51.58
  • Black Ribbed Kraft Bags

    A robust, block bottom bag made from ribbed kraft paper printed 100% black to give an attractive high end appearance that will promote product quality and desirability.

    Perfect for use with chocolates, sweets, bakery goods, drinking chocolate, powders, coffee, tea, biscotti, nuts etc.

    Ideal as a high end gift bag.

    From: £46.22
  • Block Bottom Polypropylene Bags

    We offer a range of 100% recyclable bags ideal for use in delicatessen / sweet shops for handmade chocolates, sweets, toffee, fudge, cup cakes, etc. These bags are also perfect gift bags for soaps, cosmetics, jewellery.

    From: £28.32
  • Personalised Confectionary Bags

    Increase you confectionary business by making your products look their best in custom printed packaging.

    The following products are available for bespoke printing:


    • Side gusset titan polypropylene bags
    • Kraft paper block bottom bags
    • Unlined block bottom bags
    • Brown kraft strip window bags
    • Unlined block bottom bags
  • White Backed Film Bags

    A thicker alternative to the snappy bag. Aimed at the sandwich / baguette / patisserie / bakery markets.

    Unlike paper backed bags, the white film backing ensures that no greasy stains appear on the bag thus enhancing product presentation. 

    100% recyclable

    From: £35.90
  • Unlined Block Bottom Paper Bags

    A range of heavy duty bags, particularly used for flour and other products including granola, sugar, pasta, cereals, bakery and confectionery.  These bags are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

    Printed options available up to 4 colours on minimum quantities of 10,000.

    From: £31.90
  • Tin Ties (Self Adhesive Strips)

    Self adhesive closures used to seal and reseal bags.

    Typically used with kraft block bottom bags.

    From: £25.32
  • Standup Pouches With Window

    These bags are ideal for coffee, tea, speciality foods, snacks, nuts, pet treats, powder mixes, confectionary, seeds, granola, cosmetics and pet foods.

    The following sizes are supplied with a square window and Euroslot making them ideally suited for a hanging display:

    125g, 250g, 500g, 1kg

    The following sizes are supplied without a Euroslot and have a full width strip window (see picture):

    30g, 75g, 125g, 250g, 500g, 1kg

    From: £30.92
  • Pick & Mix Bag

    Block bottom paper bag in two designs – “pink/white stripe” and “stars and swirls”.

    Perfect for Sweets and chocolate.

    From: £59.81
  • Brown Kraft Strip Window Bags

    A smart, upmarket, quality brown kraft paper bag with a polypropylene central strip window ensuring your products are clearly displayed.

    These bags are extra strong as they are made from a double or triple laminate and offer the added benefit of heat sealability.

    This bag has an ‘organic’ appearance and is ideal for baguettes, confectionery, baked goods or even gift lines.

    Available in a range of sizes.

    From: £44.90

Cost-effective confectionary bags

The way that your product looks is all-important to its success on the shelves. Sweeties which don’t look spectacular are unlikely to get any customer’s taste buds tingling. So make sure your confectionary stands out and looks sharp by getting your packaging right, without spending a fortune.

Our confectionary bags are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles and materials, helping you find the ideal confectionary bag for your scrumptious treats. Our confectionary bag collection includes:

  • Polypropylene bags
    With huge visual appeal, polypropylene confectionary bags let your products do the talking whilst providing a convenient, recyclable packaging solution.
  • Foil pouches
    With a high quality ziplock fastening, these confectionary bags will keep your product fresh and delicious. Add your own branding for real visual impact.
  • Kraft paper bags
    For a natural look with eco-friendly credentials, Kraft paper confectionary bags are a good-looking, durable and eco-friendly alternative.

Confectionary bag products in convenient quantities

No two businesses are the same, which is why we believe it is so important to offer everyone a flexible and bespoke packaging solution. From small, start-up companies working from a single premise to established brands with larger demands, we find the perfect packaging and a brilliant deal for everyone.

Our flexibility on quantity cannot be matched anywhere. We handle small confectionary bag orders which our competitors just won’t countenance. Want to test a range of confectionary bag styles over a few months? No problem, we’ll provide you with a range of confectionary bags in small orders over your test period. Don’t have the capacity to store huge orders of confectionary bags? Don’t worry, we’re able to put together smaller orders that suit your requirements.

To learn more about our range of confectionary bags, explore the rest of the site or call our helpful team on 01495 750311today. Ordering confectionary bags from Charlotte Express is simple too, just use our helpful website, or call our team to order in person.