Cello Bags

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  • Side Gusset ‘Titan’ Polypropylene Bags

    A range of 100% recyclable bags which are air tight when heat sealed offering extra strength and full product visibility. Ideal for pulses, pasta, granulated products, salts, fine powders, etc.

    Heat-sealable to ensure product freshness and security.

    From: £21.00
  • Cross Bottom Polypropylene Bags

    An upright bag without any side gussets, 100% Recyclable, made from 30 micron polypropylene. Ideal for holding confectionary. 

    A range of sizes and styles available.

    From: £23.85
  • Block Bottom Polypropylene Bags

    We offer a range of 100% recyclable bags ideal for use in delicatessen / sweet shops for handmade chocolates, sweets, toffee, fudge, cup cakes, etc. These bags are also perfect gift bags for soaps, cosmetics, jewellery.

    From: £25.21
  • Personalised Cello Bags

    Customise your products by adding your name and logo to you packaging and be recognised from your competitors.

    The following products are available for bespoke printing:


    • Side gusset “titan” polypropylene bag


    To discuss the personalised process further please call us on 01495 750311.

Cello bags 

We believe our poly bags are the ideal replacement for cellophane bags. If you’re looking for a clear, hygienic, recyclable alternative to a cello bag, buy online or contact our team here at Charlotte Express.

All the benefits of a cello bag

Rather than the stomach, the fastest route to your customers’ hearts is through their eyes. If your goods look great, they’ll fly off the shelves. Ensure you display your products to their full potential with well-designed poly alternatives to cello bags.

• Cost-effective – As an alternative to cello bags, our poly packaging is a high-quality affordable option which looks great.

• Resilient – Made from high quality polypropylene; our cello bag product range is built to last and perform perfectly.

• Eco-friendly – Just like cello bags, poly bags are fully recyclable to help you do your bit for Planet Earth.

• Flexible – With many different designs and even a bespoke customisation service available, these polypropylene alternatives to clear cello bags are a highly versatile packaging option.

• Smaller quantities  Here at Charlotte Express we offer cost-effective substitutes to clear cello bags in very flexible order

sizes. From very small orders to larger requirements.

Cost-effective cello bag alternatives in sensible order sizes

Every business is different, which is why we believe it is so important to offer flexibility to our clients. Whether you’re looking to trial small orders of poly alternatives to cello bags or you have limited storage space to keep our alternative cello bag products, we can help! We provide conveniently sized orders to suit your needs – not the other way around.

To purchase cello bag products or to find out more, call 01495 750311 today or order online.