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  • Paper/Film Reel Dispenser

    A versatile, space saving paper or film reel dispenser which can be freestanding or supplied with a kit to mount on a wall or under a counter.

    We can offer paper or film reels, plain or printed – minimum quantities from 10 reels upwards. Please contact us for more information.

    From: £137.60

Paper & film reel dispenser products

Take the hassle out of packaging with a high performance film or paper reel dispenser. These smooth operators dispense film or paper quickly and easily, shearing valuable minutes off the packaging process and saving you an awful lot of stress in the mean time.

Tired of the irritation of a terrible dispenser? No longer prepared to battle with scissors and reams of paper? A great, cost-effective film or paper reel dispenser from Charlotte Express is the perfect solution.

They’re not just time and effort savers, paper and film reel dispensers can radically cut down on the amount of waste you produce. By only tearing off what you need, you can keep your film and paper waste to a minimum and get more out of every reel too.

A quick and easy packaging solution

We can supply you with just the right film and paper reel dispenser for your business premises. We have several width sizes available to limit wastage and ensure the perfect tool for the job. We stock widths of:

  • 300mm
  • 350mm
  • 400mm

Safe, quick and easy to use, a film or paper reel dispenser offers a hygienic packaging solution for deliveries and takeaways. Buy a paper reel dispenser online using our secure purchasing process or contact our team on 01495 750311for further information.