Eco-Friendly Products

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  • Biodegradable Labels

    With a growing spotlight on sustainability, why not focus your attention on your environmental footprint and demonstrate your company’s social responsibility by choosing our biodegradable labels.

     Whether you run a small artisan business or a large business, biodegradable and compostable label solutions are recommended for use on our biodegradable/compostable packaging.

    See our eco packaging range;-

    Used predominately in the food industry our labels fully comply with European Standards for Compostable Packaging, EN 13432.

  • Eco-First Glassine Lined Bags

    Introducing our Eco-First Products – a brand new range of environmentally friendly, block bottom lined bags.

    Our Eco-First Glassine Lined Bags are 100% compostable and biodegradable. They are made with a glassine lining and paper outer, providing a truly eco-friendly option, available in brown or white kraft.

    The square bottom construction of this bag allows it to stand securely on store shelves. Ideally suited for sandwiches, pasties, bread and confectionery products.

    Available with a semi-transparent window to ensure items inside are visible to promote the product to be displayed. Alternatively offered without a window if contents need to be protected from sunlight.

    From: £459.03
  • Eco-First Natureflex Lined Bags


    Introducing our Eco-First Products – a brand new range of environmentally friendly, block bottom lined bags. Our Eco-First Natureflex Lined Bags are 100% compostable and biodegradable, they are made using a ‘Natureflex’ film lining and paper outer. They provide a true eco-friendly option, available in brown or white, with the added benefit of a film lining for heat sealability and high-barrier properties, making it suitable for greasy/oily produce.


    Natureflex films are based strongly on renewable resources (wood pulp sourced only from plantations). Natureflex films have been fully tested and are certified to both the European (EN13432) and American (ASTM D6400) norms for compostable packaging.


    The square bottom construction of this style of bag allows it to stand securely on store shelves. Ideal for use with coffee, tea, confectionery, whole foods, samosas, cookies, muesli, baked goods, cake mixes.


    Available with a transparent window to ensure items inside are visible to promote the product to be displayed, alternatively without a window if contents need to be protected from sunlight.


    From: £49.11
  • Greaseproof Bag

    100% biodegradable and recyclable bag offering a versatile and economical way of wrapping a variety of foods including cheese, sandwiches, bakery items, meats, deli foods and greasy/oily foods.

    From: £47.30
  • Natureflex Crimped Bottom Bags

    Introducing our Eco-First Products an exciting new range of environmentally friendly, crimp bottom film bags.

    Natureflex film is a specialist packaging film from Futamura Group. This bio film is compostable and made from natural renewable resources (wood pulp from managed plantations). It is home compostable and biodegradable, having been fully tested and certified to both European EN13432 and American ASTM D6400 norms for compostable packaging. It is one of the most eco-friendly products we offer as well as being a food-grade material.

    Ideal for use with:-

    • Fresh fruit and vegetables
    • Bakery
    • Dairy
    • Coffee/tea
    • Snacks/savouries
    • Grains/pulses
    • Dried foods
    • Confectionery
    • Popcorn
    • Cereals/wholefoods
    From: £54.47
  • Noodle Boxes

    Our noodle boxes are truly eco-friendly as they are fully compostable or widely recyclable. Inspired by the growing trend for global foods they are ideal for transporting or storing curries, stir-fries, burritos, noodles, etc.

    From: £55.08
  • Two Side Open Bag

    A smart, eco-friendly glassine bag ideal for serving burgers, chips, sandwiches, toasties, crepes, doughnuts etc. Used extensively in the event catering business and perfect for street food vendors and takeaway outlets.


    From: £42.90

Eco Friendly

The Government are legislating a major move to reusable, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging by 2026 in order to address concerns about the health of our planet.

Our Eco-friendly products have all the necessary “green” credentials and are available in a number of different styles, sizes and quantities allowing customers to tailor their order to suit specific requirements and budgets.

Products available include:-

  • Block bottom lined bags with Natureflex lining
  • Block bottom bag with glassine lining and window
  • Crimp sealed film bags – made from Natureflex
  • Bio-degradable coffee cups
  • Greaseproof sheets and bags


Why go Eco-friendly?

Protecting the environment is such a global concern especially for those businesses who want to contribute via their packaging choices. Now more than ever by choosing biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging options the harmful impact on the environment can be substantially reduced.

What do the following terms mean?

Recyclable – A product that can be diverted from the waste stream and that can be collected, processed, and returned to use. This does not always mean the output of a new supply of the same material – on the contrary, this process often produces another product entirely! Recycling is the most traditional and most commonly used option with regards to packaging solutions.

Biodegradable – This term is used to refer to a material that, given the right conditions upon its disposal, is decomposed by bacteria and microorganisms – breaking down into its basic components (carbon dioxide, water, methane and biomass) and eventually returning to the earth. In theory, this saves landfill space and returns nothing harmful into the atmosphere.

Compostable – All compostable products are biodegradable, but not all products are compostable. This is simply down to the added benefit boasted by compostable packaging: when they decompose, they release valuable nutrients called humus into the soil that can aid the natural growth of the trees and plants. Compostable packaging can break down within 12 weeks leaving no trace of toxic residue. These products must be disposed of in the correct manner, This means composting products in the garden home composter, or making use of local industrial composting facilities. UK customers are recommended to contact their local council for more information on these options.

While each of the available options comes with different means of disposal, they all support one common goal: reducing the amount of rubbish in landfill.