Sandwich Platter Bags

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  • Personalised Platter Bags

    Whether you are a catering company offering buffets or a small retail business, personalised printed platter bags which are 100% recyclable, promote a professional brand image in the catering world.

    Minimum order quantities starting at 5,000 bags.

    The following products are available for bespoke printing:


    • Various size platter bags


    To discuss the personalised process further please call us on 01495 750311.

  • Sandwich Platter Bags

    Platter bags keep food fresh for longer whilst allowing caterers to create a professional look which are 100% recyclable – clearly displaying products at their best.

    From: £20.33

Platter bags

For retailers and catering teams who take their image seriously, platter bags are essential catering supplies. When you need to keep your sandwich selection or buffet tray fresh, a platter bag is a perfect solution.

As a professional looking alternative to cling film which are 100% recyclable, platter bags offer freshness, hygiene, convenience and a low-cost alternative to sandwich trays with lids. Their seal-reseal system is simple to use and keeps your products perfectly fresh. We all know how much of an annoyance cling film can be. Platter bags allow you to save on waste and display your buffet quickly.

Platter bags are the perfect buffet solution
Made from clear polypropylene, our platter bags are high-quality and durable, ensuring your food stays looking good and tasting fresh. The key benefits of platter bags include:

  • Assured freshness
    A seal and resealable strip to ensure your products stay fresh. Easy to use for both customers and catering teams.


  • Professional look
    Clear polypropylene is far preferable to cling film, creating a clean, tidy look and professional image.


  • Perfect for a range of functions
    Whether you’re a catering company working with buffets or a small retail business, platter bags are the perfect catering supplies. Ideal for sandwiches, buffets, canapés and more.


Sensible order sizes 
Here at Charlotte Express, we specialise in helping smaller companies with their packaging requirements. Whatever your line of business, we can provide platter bags in small order sizes to help you hit the ground running. Perhaps you have limited storage space, or maybe you would simply like to trial platter bags before committing to a larger order. Not a problem.

Please order online or get in touch with our helpful team today on 01495 750311.