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    Heat sealers provide a solution for any operation that requires sealed bags. Ideal for heat sealing PE/PP/PVC films. Typically used with our range of film bags, foil coffee bags and block bottom kraft bags.

    We offer three types – table top, hand held and crimped.

    From: £84.53

Bag heat sealers

For small businesses and large scale operations alike, bag heat sealers are a quick, easy and hygienic way to package your products. Heat sealer bags don’t just look more professional on your shelves; they are also extremely practical, keeping freshness in and unwanted extras out.  

A heat sealer is a clever tool which allows you to hygienically seal your film bags – fast. The bag heat sealers we provide here at Charlotte Express are compatible with many of our polypropylene products, allowing our customers to make the most of beautiful, affordable packaging and a smart sealing solution!

A quick and easy packaging solution

If time is of the essence, heat sealer bags are particularly useful. Whether you’re shipping directly from your home, garage, shed, warehouse or plant, our bag heat sealers are a fantastically convenient, no-hassle way to ensure your items arrive in pristine condition.

Alternatively, if your products are destined for the shop shelves, heat sealer bags make an extremely attractive packaging option, enticing your customers with your items’ visual appeal whilst keeping your products looking their best.

Why choose Charlotte Express for your bag heat sealers?

As a successful family business, we are committed to really understanding what makes you tick. Whether you’re a one-man-band or a larger operation, we form close relationships with our customers to ensure we always provide the best deal and the best packaging solutions.

Perhaps you’re looking to trial a range of packaging options? We can offer you small orders across our packaging range to help you find the perfect solution. Maybe you’re after an on-going high-quality order of cross bottom polypropylene bags, no problem. We can even provide the tools, like bag heat sealers, to help make your packaging process even better!

For more information or to discuss your order please call 01495 750311 today. Alternatively, you can buy heat sealers and heat sealer bags directly through our easy-to-use website.